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9 Bitcoin Faucets that really Pay

Sign up to for multi-currency wallet. The following websites instantly credit your earnings in your wallet directly. Click the banners below and sign up to each websites. Enter your CoinPot email address during account creation and keep claiming your FREE coins.
Click the banners below and sign up to both websites. Complete the captcha every hour and click Roll. You will have a chance to win $200 every roll.
Come back every HOUR to roll again for free bitcoins/altcoins. If you claim your free bitcoin every hour 8 times per day, for 1 year straight, according to the rise in bitcoin price you would have over $5000 by the end of the year. Don't forget to claim every hour! Set a reminder on your phone or calendar every hour to claim. Whatever you do, DO NOT sell your bitcoin! Hold it and don't convert it to any other currency, just wait for the price to keep going up and you can make a lot of money!